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Buy afghan seeds for sale from bagging seed, the top choice in marijuana seeds online. It's never too late to buy yourself some seeds, they are discretely shipped from our amsterdam seed bank. Full of many different strains every grower would love.

Afghan seed is one of the most popular purchase due to low pricing and it's ability to produce large quantities when grown. Check out the full product by clicking on the prices button. Afghan seed is potent as well as a high yield. Growers all over will love this one! You're fingers will become covered in sticky THC when picking flowers. Some patients call it finger hash and yes its smokable! Every bit of the plant is usable in some way. Isn't cannabis a wonder of nature? This strain in particular has been know to be cultivated for the purpose of making hash. Its no wonder this strain is so often purchased here on bagging seed. You can also expect large resin deposits on top the huge buds. If your someone with a high tolerance to THC this is your go to strain. After long stress filled days or chronic pain, smoking afghan will definitely sedate you. Any adults suffering from lack of sleep will also get great benefits for this cannabis seed.

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